The Mission was founded in 2023

Responsible and determined people have created it with a common goal - to help the Ukrainian military in the fight for the future of the Motherland and the world!

We are engaged in

We provide Ukrainian military personnel on the front line with equipment, protective gear, food, and non-food items.
We are engaging the foreign community in charitable support of the Ukrainian army.
We are organizing cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign organizations united by a mission to defeat the imperial evil.

Today, everyone's duty is to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeat the enemy.

After all, our servicemen and women stand on the side of light and goodness, protecting our homeland and the entire civilized world. There is no time to wait and watch — it is time to act!
Фото секції
Фото секції

Our principles


Today, when innocent civilians are dying every day, there is no room for neutrality or indifference. We know who started this war and on whose side the truth is. Ukraine must win the war for life, freedom, and peace! Therefore, each of us must contribute to this - with our contributions!


Everyone who supports the Mission's projects should be informed about the purpose of each donation. We act exclusively according to the law, openly and step-by-step, reporting on our activities.


We set ourselves a high standard because we have the highest Mission. Only unity and tireless efforts make it possible and ever closer!


To provide 5,000 women at the frontline with modern anatomical armor. The goal is ₴ 350,000,000

Total raised:
₴ 11 000
Planned to raise:
₴ 350 000 000
5 armored suits

5 armored suits

5 helmets

5 helmets

Donation for Victory


Donation for Victory

In order to effectively counter russian aggression, our army needs constant support. Providing the military with everything they need in their fight for victory is the mission of every Ukrainian. After all, this war is for all of us and concerns every person.

Bring the Victory closer - support the Ukrainian army!